Just another day at the office…

the doctor’s office that is…

On Thursday I spent 7 hours at the Cardiologist undergoing a slew of tests. For those interested in what was done, this blog is for you! For those of you who couldn’t give a flying flip, you can stay tuned for the next blog post. ::wink nod:: <--I do that a lot so get used to it. I don’t know the exact purpose of all the tests I had done, just pretty much what the nurses told me while I was having them done: Quantitative Sensation Testing (QST): basically assesses nerve damage by testing response to heat, cold, and vibration. There was a probe attached to my foot and I had to hold a remote and push “yes” or “no” depending on if I felt a temperature or vibration after a light signal flashed. The only issue was the nurse quickly figured out that I was feeling all the cold sensations as hot.  At first she thought the probe itself was broken so she attached it to my hand to double check. I was shocked at how cold the sensation was when we re-did the test on my hand. Then she put it back on my foot and tried the cold again and it felt like a burning hot iron. So weird! I am thinking that is probably not a good thing…I am supposed to mention it to the doctor at my follow-up.

Q-Sweat Test- I hated this test because it made me feel like I was covered in fire ants. And really…who wants that?? It helps assess how the autonomic nervous system is working.

ANSAR Test- test that determines function of autonomic nervous system

PFO Bubble Test- not nearly as fun as it sounds…trust me. It determines if there is a hole in your heart.

Tilt Table Test- should be renamed the “barf test” because that is all I felt like doing. “Here, let me strap you to this table and then tilt you at an 80* angle for the next 30 minutes while I stare at you and ask how you feel every 5 seconds. Better yet, let’s also strap this nifty thing to your head that feels much like a vice and induce the worst migraine ever.” YUCK!

High Resolution EKG- I have had well over a hundred EKG’s since last November but this was my first “High Res”. Not sure what the difference is other than the fact that I had some extra leads placed on my back. Perhaps I should google…

Stress Metabolic Test- I am fairly certain the purpose of this test was to kill me but I somehow managed to survive. GO ME! I was proud of myself because the nurse said most patients typically last about 6 minutes. Right when I was about to pat myself on the back for making it to 7 minutes and 30 seconds my husband gracefully reminded me that the majority of the other patients are elderly and in heart/lung failure. Oh well. I still win, right?? Oh and to the person in charge of scheduling…whyyyyy would you make me do this right after the Tilt Table Test?? Seriously???

Carotid Echo- nothing fancy here. Just a lot of goo rubbed up and down my neck to check my arteries on my neck. I had this done last Fall so I guess they are just following up.

Pulmonary Function Test- lots of patterned blowing into complicated tubes until I was sure I was going to pass out.

Ankle Brachial Index Test (ABI)- super simple test that basically just took my blood pressure on each arm and ankle while laying down on a table. I think it just determines if there is a difference between the pressure in your legs vs. your arms and if so, you might have circulation issues.

Echo- for the billionth time (okay I’m exaggerating a little)

I get all of the results back for my tests this Wednesday. I am definitely feeling a LOT of nervous anticipation. Other than that, he also has me scheduled on the 13th of this month for an EEG and at some point in the near future I will go in for a sleep study and EP (electrical study of the heart). Hopefully there are less tests and more answers in my very near future!

That’s all I have time for now. Sorry it is all boring medical stuff…

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July tomorrow! Stay safe!


Simple Saturday

Today was my favorite kind of day. We didn’t have anything planned and nothing that really needed to be done. In fact, I am fairly certain we all stayed in our PJ’s the majority of the day!

I had promised Lucas yesterday that if I was feeling well enough, we could make some cookies. After the breakfast dishes were cleared, I gathered the older 3 kiddos around the table while Mike fed Charlotte her bottle. I always get a little nervous when trying a new allergy free recipe because I never know if they will turn out like I hope. Today had me even more so on edge since my new migraine medication is making my brain foggy and we all know the more little hands gathered around “helping” the more room for ingredient mishaps!

I would love to say that I have the patience of Michelle Duggar when it comes to family projects like this, but alas…I do not. Ha! Cooking with the kids always sounds wayyyy better in my head. Then once I have all the ingredients set out in a nice organized manner and my OCD kicks in, I find it very difficult to allow the kids to actually help out.

Trust me, I’m working on it!! ::sigh::

Many times days that I envision looking like this:

{image from: http://raisinghomemakers.com/2011/hannah-hagarty-dispelling-myths-about-homemaking/}

End up looking more like this…


{image from: http://mombloggings.blogspot.com/2009/07/profundity-of-motherhood-ii.html}

Please tell me I am not the only mom out there who has had that happen??




It also doesn’t help that by the end of the making-from-scratch process, my entire body is screaming at me to lay down from overexertion. I hate that even simple tasks like baking cookies with my kids has turned into a marathon event that drains me for the rest of the day. Ugh. Speaking of which, I need to update about all the testing I had done at the Cardio office on Thursday but that is a whole different blog post for another day.

But even in the midst of the stressed out mama moments, dealing with twinges of pain, and frequent breaks due to disciplinary matters, I really try to soak up every second of these moments with the kids because I know they are ever fleeting. I pray the kids will look back one day and remember these days of baking as a family. I know I will!

We might not be perfect…and neither are our cookies…but man, you sure can’t beat the memories made in the process!

Just a simple Saturday around these parts that resulted in exactly 47 chocolate chip cookies and 3 big chocolaty grins.

And truth be told…a slightly stressed out mama.


{the er…fruits? of our labor}



Sippy Cup Saga

The following story might only be funny to Mike and I but I’m totally okay with that ::wink nod::

On Friday, we were out running errands and while we were parked Logan accidentally knocked Lucas’ sippy cup from the cup holder while reaching for a book. Lucas threw a tizzy fit so Mike {being the super awesome daddy he is}decided to open the back sliding door of the van, reach over Charlotte’s carseat, dig around until he was finally able to find the cup and then handed it back to Lucas in the 3rd row. He sat back in the driver’s seat and buckeled himself in.

No sooner had he prepared to back the car up when we heard another loud THUD followed by Logan shout, “Oh no!! My cup fell over!” Apparently, while reaching for a different book, he had elbowed his own cup off in the opposite direction and it had rolled under the seat and wedged off to the side.

With a sigh and quick smirk to me, Mike opened the opposite sliding door of the van, this time climbing over Brielle’s carseat trying to locate said missing sippy cup. At last, both boys were reunited with their lost cups and all was right in the land of mini-van. Once again, daddy crawled out of the car and gave his back a stretch and wiped the sweat from his brow.

He leaned in and gave Brielle a quick kiss on the forehead before pushing the button to close the door to the van. As the door to the van slowly began to close the distance between Mike and Brielle, the corners of her mouth turned into a cool, calculated smile as she slowly picked up her sippy cup, held it out to the side of her seat and chunked it to the back of the van.

I swear at that very moment I could hear Mike blink.

And THAT my friends is why they write books about strong willed children.

Note to self: The next time we need to run errands, arrange to do it on a day when the nanny is coming to watch the kids.

The day wasn’t a complete wash though…we were parked at a Starbucks!


New year, new blog!

Hard to believe I blogged for so many years in one place and then once I switched over here to blogger I haven’t been able to find my “groove” as of yet. I’m sure it has nothing to do with all these kids running around or anything ::wink::.

For my old followers–as excited as I was about my previous food allergy blog, now that I am dealing with my current health issues, I am not capable of cooking and posting recipe reviews to the extent that would have kept the other blog alive. I thought about just staying private or even doing traditional pen to paper journaling, but I really like the interactive nature of blogging as well as the ability to print & bind my blog at the end of each year {pictures and all}.

For my new followers–WELCOME! I’m Blair, a 28 year old mom of  2 boys and 2 girls (pretty perfect, right??) and married for almost 8 years to my high school sweetheart. It has been a pretty rough year for me health-wise (to say the least), but I am hopeful that things will start looking up for me soon! Stick around and I can guarantee that you will know wayyyy more about my wee little family than you ever wanted to know. 🙂

So, regardless of how many people actually read this thing or how often I am able update, I figured now was as good of a time as any to fire up my bloggy fingers! The kids are growing up at lightning speed and blogging provides me the rare opportunity to capture a glimpse of these crazy-meets-mundane days that I might otherwise forget. How awesome to look back years from now and read back through these posts!

As for my new blog name, I think it speaks for itself! Is there any greater mission field than our own home?? What an incredible responsibility we have watching over these sweet kiddos that God has entrusted to us and raising them up to know and love the Lord. This mission field also provides the perfect topics for blogs! If you are interested in discussions about discipline, strong willed kiddos, feeling like an inept mommy desperate for the Grace only He can give, schooling options, sibling issues, craft/seasonal ideas, potty learning {mis}adventures, juggling duties of wife & mom, and just life in general…well then this is the blog for you. I’d love to get plugged in with other moms who I can relate to and learn from. If nothing else, you will get to hear me brag incessantly about my kids and we ALL know how fun that is for everyone, right??

That’s all I have for now! Hopefully I will be back soon discussing our latest hi-jinks…because honestly, is there anything that can provide more blog fodder than 4 kids 4 and under?? I think not…